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Benefits Of Using Marching Band Arrangement Services

Participating in a high school marching band is a great way for students to learn about the joys of music while getting the opportunity to represent their school, march in local parades, or even enter competitions. There are several traditional marching band arrangements and composers that will entertain the crowds and teach students the basics. However, what if you want to stir things up, present something new, or engage your students even more?

Hiring a professional marching band arrangement service provides several unique benefits. Here are a few.

Create Arrangements Based Upon the Students' Skill and Band's Size

If you're working with younger students who are just starting out or a group of kids who are very musically talented, it can be difficult to find an arrangement that meets your needs. Additionally, you may have a smaller marching band and don't have enough students to adequately represent the woodwind or brass section.

Conversely, you might have a massive marching band and want an arrangement that allows you to highlight certain sections at different points in the performance.

Hiring a professional to arrange marching band music based upon the size and skill level of your marching band will ensure the students are adequately challenged and the performance is more balanced.

Create Unique Arrangements That Will Make Your Band Stand Out

Providing your students with traditional arrangements of marching band standards is a great option in several situations, such as in the classroom or when you are marching during a national holiday. However, what if you are performing for judges or want to give the audience an experience that they will never forget?

Working with a professional will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement that will not only challenge and excite your students, but will also help your marching band stand out from the other groups or competitors.

Protect You Against Licensing Issues

Finally, if you want to play an arrangement that is copyright protected, you may need to obtain the proper permissions from the composer or the company that owns the arrangement. If you do not obtain the legal permission to play the song publicly, you can put yourself, the school, and the music program in danger.

A professional arrangement service can help you determine if there are any potential copyright issues and ensure you do not suffer any consequences from performing a song illegally.

Working with a professional marching band arrangement service will help your marching band stand out while challenging and engaging your high school students.

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