Talking About Applying Music Theory

How To Buy A Piano

A piano is a classic instrument that can be used to play many different styles of music. If you're looking to get started learning an instrument, you can't go wrong with a piano. Owning a piano will allow you to practice whenever you have a spare moment, which can greatly improve your skills. Here are four tips that can help you purchase a piano. 1. Buy a piano in person. Read More 

Three Things To Know About Using Your Pinky Finger To Play The Guitar

When you first start to take guitar lessons and begin to learn some basic chord fingerings, you'll find that you use your first, middle, and ring finger for the most part. As you learn the basics and want to expand your knowledge, however, it will be time to start using your pinky finger. At first, this will seem difficult. The tip of your finger will quickly get sore from pressing down on the strings, and you may even struggle with moving the finger in a controlled manner. Read More 

Benefits of Owning a Personal Vintage Guitar Collection

Vintage guitars won't just be valuable for the musicians who plan to sell them one day. These guitars can help make musicians more successful while the musicians still own them. Some music fans will specifically want to attend a concert involving a vintage guitar performance. The musicians who have video blogs and the guitar players who perform in person will be able to enjoy all of the same benefits of owning a vintage guitar collection. Read More 

How Music Lessons Can Help Children With Autism

Autism is a difficult disease and may affect many children in different ways. For example, your child may have the ability to do heavy math but struggle to talk. And some children with autism take to music right away and respond well to high-quality music lessons with a professional. Music Appeals to Many Children With Autism Music is a unique art form that appeals to people in many different ways. For example, some will appreciate the lyrical content and connect with that message while others will respond to the sound of the melodies. Read More 

Benefits Of Using Marching Band Arrangement Services

Participating in a high school marching band is a great way for students to learn about the joys of music while getting the opportunity to represent their school, march in local parades, or even enter competitions. There are several traditional marching band arrangements and composers that will entertain the crowds and teach students the basics. However, what if you want to stir things up, present something new, or engage your students even more? Read More 

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Talking About Applying Music Theory

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